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RM Flags

Automatically rm -f the stale feature flags from your codebase with our feature flags cleanup service, rm flags.

Get Started in 3 Steps

1. Sign up using the form above and click Install on the GitHub integration.

2. Select a repository and feature flags to monitor.

3. Click Start Monitoring and we'll send you a PR with your stale feature flag usage removed within 24 hours. 🎉


Q: What's a feature flag?A: A feature flag is a software development technique that turns certain functionality on and off during runtime, without deploying new code. Feature flags are super useful for allowing you to do staged rollouts instead of turning a new feature on for 100% of users immediately, which can be risky, particularly in high scale scenarios.Q: What's a "stale" feature flag?A: This is a feature flag that you've already rolled out to 100%. You no longer need to reference it in your codebase, so it's considered stale. You might be familiar with code like this:
if (flag1.isEnabled()) { doSomething() } else { doSomethingElse() }
In the above example, if flag1 is already rolled out to 100%, RM Flags will automatically remove the if statement and convert the code to:
... which is quite a bit easier to read. You'll get a PR with the changes whenever this happens.Q: How does RM Flags know which feature flags are considered stale?A: At the moment, you'll just have to input the names of the flags manually. However, we plan to quickly follow this with integrations for your favorite feature flag providers (LaunchDarkly, Split, Optimizely) and we'll easily be able to detect which feature flags are rolled out at that point without requiring any input on your end.


$199 / repository / month

Simple per-repository pricing.
2 months free when paying annually.

✓ Never manually clean up feature flags again
✓ Integration with your favorite version control systems
✓ Integration with feature flag as a service providers
✓ Notifications and automated PRs when we detect stale flag usage
✓ Professional support via email, live chat, Discord

Special requirements? Feature suggestions? Let's chat.

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